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1868 Crosby House COVID-19 Updates

This pandemic has transformed all our lives, put us on hold and made planning for the future – even the next day – a journey into the unknown!
With our Governor’s very wise mandate to close our doors, Vermont B&B’s have been forced to rethink our MO’s in the short term and in the long term. 
Taking into consideration the new focus on “social distancing” that will be on all our minds for some time to come
is just the opposite of what a B&B has been all about! 
We know you’ll be looking forward to a change of scenery, but cautious about going too far, too fast!
From the time we re-open, a stay at the Crosby House will be quite different, but just as special as ever. 
So, I’d like to fill you in on the “evolving” plan for the 1868 Crosby House:

  • Assuming and hoping the immediate danger and the mandate will be lifted, we plan to re-open to guests on July 1, 2020.

  • Guests will need to follow the State of Vermont's guidelines and fill out a certificate of compliance before arrival - please visit this page to find out what's required and print the certificate (located under the 'Overnight Stays' heading).
  • No one will enter your room during your stay!  Housekeeping will be done between guests only, so for that reason, we will be requiring a minimum 2 day stay. 

  • Of course, plenty of linens and toiletries will be available whenever you need them and each room will have its own sanitizing kit.  You won’t find fancy toss pillows and cute, but unnecessary accessories in your room anymore because your room will not only be very clean, it’ll be “sterilized”!  

  •  Each suite is equipped with its own refrigerator/freezer and coffee maker. There will be a selection of dinnerware both china & paper for use with takeout meals. Presently  there are several great restaurants in the area that are meeting you at the door or even delivering meals, and it's looking like more and more outdoor seating options are opening up.  We’ll be sure to have that information in your hands when you arrive.

  • Although there will be staff onsite and immediately available by phone, check in will be as follows:

    •  The Innkeeper will welcome you via phone and will be available by phone, email or text throughout your stay.  In this way you will not be limited to a check in time, but may arrive any time after 3pm or earlier if the room is ready!  Checkout will remain at 11am on the day of your departure. 

    • Check-in procedures will be communicated to you when you contact us on the day of your arrival.

After 23 years of Innkeeping, this seems like a very strange protocol for a B&B, 
but we want you to both feel and be safe at the Crosby House and in Vermont! 
We still have our gorgeous gardens and wonderful trails and the Brattleboro area still offers so many things to do and places to see. 
I look forward to helping you plan a relaxing and memorable visit away from home.